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World Championships 2013

World Championships 2013 in St. Moritz Switzerland didn’t play out how we planned 3 years ago. When I committed to another 4 year cycle after the 2010 Olympics, my coach Duff Gibson and I sat down and mapped out a plan. To focus only on the World Championships as we head into the Sochi Olympics. It was very clear that I struggle in the big races with only 1 World Championship medal to my name at that point. We started to turn that around in 2011 with a Bronze and 2012 a Silver. It was only natural to want to climb up the ranks for 2013 and set the bar extremely high with a Gold and if I knew I could do it on any track it would be the 1722m natural Swiss track. But this season has been an interesting tone. I came out of the blocks winning a Silver medal at the 1st world cup, but after that mistakes I don’t usually make along with a degrading push start… I was on a slippery slope. Frustration was the only way to describe how I felt this winter.


I slid very well in training for worlds and knew if I could get my start at least a top 12 I’d be in contention for a medal. Day 1 I had 3rd highest speeds out of the 29 sliders, but I was coming off the block in 19th & 18th start ranks… If I had even another 7/100ths it would have been a different game. I was pretty down going into day 2 despite sitting in 5th spot. It was my reality and not much we could do to change it. My coaches Duff & Kelly both did the best they could in supporting me as a person and were very realistic about what we needed to do for the final 2 runs and touched slightly on the plan for this coming off season… TRAINING… no more rodeo…


I dropped back a spot on my 3rd heat; which added to my dishearten spirit. Top 5 at World Champs is a funding spot in Canada and every little bit helps as I am testing a new sled, a very expensive decision, but if I want to have hopes of being on the Olympic podium in Sochi I can’t have any unanswered questions. My 4th run I laid it all out on the table… I pushed my fastest start of 5.39 12th rank start and my down time was a 4th rank finish… ended up moving me up into the 5th spot. Probably the 1st time the cameras have seen me smile all season long.


If anything the fire has definitely been lit under my butt… Here are the highlights of the race… BIG Congratulations to my teammate Sarah Reid who won her very 1st World Championship medal and now is pre selected onto our world cup team for next season.

2013 World Champs Highlight


We are headed to Sochi, Russia in a couple of days for training and the final World Cup race… I have never been to Russia, so I am excited to learn the track and experience the culture!!!


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  1. Shelley
    Posted February 2, 2013 at 7:32 am | Permalink

    Mellisa.. I admire your dedication and can only imagine the heartbreak that making the decision to not rodeo brings you. It is an amazing example of being single focussed. Congratulations on the “small” successes you felt at this race – and know that we are cheering for you here at our house!!

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