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No matter what the situation there is always a lesson to be learned… or a positive to be drawn… But right now after I have finished a disappointing, haunting 5th place at the Whistler World Cup I am having a really tough time finding “the lesson” and a “positive”….


Back the truck up… When we first came to Whistler in March of 2008 the Canadian Skeleton team was full of energy knowing this was OUR house and we would host the world in the 2010 Olympic Games. I remember being a sponge and excited about absolutely everything! How amazing the Whistler village was with all the cute little shops. How picturesque the scenery was… snow, rain or shine. The bond our team had as we encountered this amazing journey to represent Canada at a home Olympics. I found myself reminiscing with a lot of thoughts of before and after…  mostly about how much the 2010 Olympic experience has shaped me as a person and how much my life has changed since. I had a great week with my team. I’m sure I sound like a broken record every time I write and I say how amazing my team is, but it’s the truth! Sharing a condo with Sarah and Cassie was a blast! Cass made me branch out this week and I took a big step in a relationship of sharing my groceries… yes… sounds petty, but we did it! Our coaching staff is amazing… Tyson & Leah were on top of helping me with my wicked head cold. I had a Eucalyptus Q-tip in my mouth right up until I had to put my helmet on at the line… That’s how stuffed up I was with the crazy drippy noseL Duff, Kelly, Ken & Scott were great with coaching us and making sure everything at the track & gym & logistics were taken care of. So as I write in a defeated state I am so fortunate for the amazing people around me…


As for the race, not much to say… I made mistakes with too sharp of a runner… I am fortunate that my 5th place finish landed me an Olympic qualifier. I am so proud of my teammates Sarah Reid for winning her 2nd World Cup medal of her career and Cassie Hawrysh for being on the verge of a podium finish. We have an amazing team that will produce some new memories for all of us… This is what I am choosing to draw on from this Whistler race and build on as we continue to be the strongest team in the world.

Cassie, Sarah Mel Pre Whistler race

I get to sleep in my bed for a couple of nights before we head to Germany. We have two more races before Christmas. You can stay on top of all the action at http://www.fibt.com


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  1. Randy Metchewais
    Posted December 2, 2012 at 11:00 pm | Permalink

    Hi Mellisa, keep sliding and do it for you!!!! That’s the ticket! Randy Metchewais and family.

  2. Greg C
    Posted December 7, 2012 at 12:58 pm | Permalink

    Keep that positive attitude up. As you know, it takes a thousand small victories to get the big one you want!!

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