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Sportsnet Mission to Sochi

A great profile on my 2014 Olympic journey. Thank you to my family and friends who keep me close to my roots and all Canadians who helped motivate me every day to dig up the courage to step into the ring of this intense battle. Click on the link below to watch the video   Sportsnet Mission to Sochi  

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Road to Russia

It’s time to get back on ice! 1 week away from sliding down the Calgary track and we have been really busy training. With it being Olympic year media is around a lot and here is a great piece by Joe Stephenson @rx_films with my Road to Russia

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  Finally is the word that comes to my mind. We raced in Sochi, Russia to wrap up a very unsuccessful season for me. I know most people are starting to get excited about the Olympics next year and the intrigue of Russia, but I wasn’t excited to come here. I hope it wasn’t a self-fulfilling prophecy, but it was one of the worst experiences of my life. I guess it doesn’t help that I arrived and got the flu and spent 3 days in bed sleeping. The 4th sickness of the season, I will be getting a flu shot … Continue reading

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World Championships 2013

World Championships 2013 in St. Moritz Switzerland didn’t play out how we planned 3 years ago. When I committed to another 4 year cycle after the 2010 Olympics, my coach Duff Gibson and I sat down and mapped out a plan. To focus only on the World Championships as we head into the Sochi Olympics. It was very clear that I struggle in the big races with only 1 World Championship medal to my name at that point. We started to turn that around in 2011 with a Bronze and 2012 a Silver. It was only natural to want to … Continue reading

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Final Push to World Championships

The schedule this season is different than past seasons. In Skeleton we always have World Championships at the end of the season. But this year because we have the Olympic Test World Cup in Sochi, Russia has been placed at the end of the season due to logistics. Worlds are in St. Moritz, Switzerland the most unique track on tour. In the summer it is a cow pasture. In the winter a sliding track is built from snow and ice with trees used as support beams for us to fly down the mountain at speeds of over 135km/hr. It is … Continue reading

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I didn’t think it was going to be a year like it has been… best way to describe it is: STRUGGLING   After a career worst finish of 19th in Altenberg, Germany my body had enough and for the 3rd time since the end of September I was down and out sick again. Sliding is hard enough on our heads with headaches and face smashes on the ice. But having inner ear pressure issues makes it really difficult to stay relaxed and feel the ice on your sled. Day 1 in Kongissee, Germany the ice looked in mint condition and … Continue reading

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If you ain’t 1st you’re last….

  I just lived that in Altenberg, Germany. The track I dread the most on the tour. The track was built for the East Germans prior to the 1988 Calgary Olympics. It was supposed to mock the Calgary design but be a bit more difficult so the Germans would be ready. It also was built so it isn’t visible from the air; a complete secret back in the day. I wish it was still a secret… I had my 2nd ever crash here in 2001. Yes it was a long time ago, but when I stand at the top of … Continue reading

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La Plagne, France

  Ouch… That’s what I remember as I exited corner 17 on the quick, abrupt, high g-force La Plagne track. More importantly what I COULDN’T remember was corner 17… As you know Skeleton sleds do not have brakes so when I came out of the finish corner (19) I started to drag my sled on the wall as I always do to prevent hitting the crash pads and potentially damaging my runners. But as I was heading up the steep braking stretch I came to an early stop and didn’t even make it up the outrun… I guess this means … Continue reading

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Good ol'Winterberg

Winterberg… I was telling myself the last 2 weeks this is my favorite place in the whole world!!! Gosh I hate lying to myself!!! Our physio Tyson Plesuk & I set very realistic goals for this race. Just get a 2nd run… Last season when they had the trial 3 heat format we all were a bit cocky with our attitudes, all we have to do is finish in the top 10 to qualify for the 3rd heat. Well we had a huge snow storm and I finished 13th… So this year, no assumptions were made, just set the goal… … Continue reading

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Lessons & Positives

No matter what the situation there is always a lesson to be learned… or a positive to be drawn… But right now after I have finished a disappointing, haunting 5th place at the Whistler World Cup I am having a really tough time finding “the lesson” and a “positive”….   Back the truck up… When we first came to Whistler in March of 2008 the Canadian Skeleton team was full of energy knowing this was OUR house and we would host the world in the 2010 Olympic Games. I remember being a sponge and excited about absolutely everything! How amazing … Continue reading

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